Factory direct sales new bar nightclub special atmosphere bottle light support custom led sticker

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Color:Red . Green . Blue . Yellow . Orange . Pink . White .

Logo print:Acceptable


product weight:0.03kg

Continuous working time:48H

Application places: bars、wedding、 party
Sample:Free delivery

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Short Introduction

product name Led sticker
Size 6*6*0.3cm
Material EVA
Battery 2*CR1220
working time 48H
weight 0.04kg
color red, white, blue, green, pink, yellow
logo customization support
Application place bar, wedding, party
Control method Flashing fast - flashing slowly - always on - off

Characteristic use

It is specially designed for entertainment places such as bars, so that the atmosphere of the scene reaches its peak. Tear off the sticker, stick it on the bottom of the wine bottle, and operate the switch to make the whole wine bottle look different. Support customization of size, logo, and shape.

Usage scenario

You can't throw a party without it. This product can appear indoors or outdoors at will, and its features are sure to make your party special.


Material style

Made of EVA material, it is cheap, environmentally friendly, light and durable. The printed logo is easy to maintain and will not fade. We will provide you free samples until satisfied.

Production Process

It uses pad printing technology. The biggest feature of this printing technology is its low price, low cost and stable effect. It reflects your logo to the fullest without any omissions.

Delivery Time

Normally the product will be dispatched within 5-15 days. If you have special requirements, you can explain to us in time when you place an order.

Battery Model

Equipped with 2*CR1220, the battery life can reach 48 hours, which fully guarantees excellent performance at parties. Immerse everyone in LED lighting from start to finish.

Quality control

The production and manufacturing process of the products has a strict management mode, and at least 4 quality inspections are passed to ensure that each product is in line with CE and ROHS certification.

Installation Method

1. After unpacking, tear off the protective film of the product tape
2. Place the product on the bottom of the bottle and secure it firmly.
3. Operate the switch to select your preferred blinking mode.

Factory direct sales new bar

Box gauge information

Product packaging: OPP bag independent packaging
Outer box packaging: 3 layers of corrugated paper packaging
Avoid product collision and scratches

User feedback

This is feedback from Mr. Fagan from Albania
Mr. Fagan is happy to have a bar in Albania where business has been tepid. He has been thinking about how to make the bar business better. It wasn't until May of this year that a friend of his sent him a product from abroad to see if he could use it in his bar. The product name is --led sticker. Sticking the product to the bottom of the bottle and flipping the switch at once makes the entire bottle glow differently, which Mr. Fagan says is exactly what he wants. Mr. Fagan quickly found our contact information from a friend, and confirmed the unit price, LOGO, and delivery date. All the work was carried out in an orderly manner.
Mr. Fagan's bar is now well known locally. He is very grateful for our products. He said that if there is a new product, he must be notified.


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