New L145mmW20mm size adjustable support logo custom wedding bar concert atmosphere bracelet led xyloband

Short Description:

Product Size:L:145mm W:20mm H:5mm

logo size:L:30mm,W:20mm

Remote control range: about 800M


Color: White

Logo print:Acceptable


product weight:0.03kg

Continuous working time:48H

Application places: bars、wedding、 party
Sample:Free delivery

Product Detail

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Specification parameters

Product name LED Remote Control Xyloband
Product Size L:145mm W:20mm H:5mm
logo size L:30mm,W:20mm
Remote control range: About 800M
Material Nylon+Plastic
Color White
Logo print Acceptable
Battery 2*CR2032
product weight 0.03kg
Continuous working time 48H
Application places Bars、Wedding、 Party
Sample: Free delivery
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Characteristic use

This is an LED remote control bracelet that can be assigned up to 8 zones, each zone can be individually lit and flashed according to the control. Mainly used in bars, parties, concerts and other places, can better contrast the atmosphere

Usage scenario

Unlimited venue use, as long as you need to make the atmosphere happier, you need it.

led Silicone remote control br4
led Silicone remote control br2

Material style

The wristband part of the led xyloband is made of nylon. The biggest advantage is that it is waterproof and durable. It is equipped with four high-brightness lamp beads.
The middle part of the led wooden strip is plastic, which is light in weight and cheap. Both positions can be arranged with logo printing.

Production Process

The printing of the led xyloband wristband part adopts silk screen technology, which is safe, firm and non-fading.
The printing of the middle part of the led xyloband adopts pad printing technology, which has low cost, transparent color and no omission.
Arrange the printing method according to the position of the printing logo of the customer.

Quality control

We have CE and ROHS certification, and the products are tested at least four times during the production process to ensure product quality.

Battery model

Using 2*CR2032 batteries, it has the characteristics of large capacity, small size and low cost. Ensure the continuous power supply of the product.

The use time can reach 48 hours, fully guarantee the party effect.

The date of issuance

After the production of the product is completed, we will send it out as soon as possible to ensure that you can use it as soon as possible. Usually within 5-15 days, if you have special requirements, you can explain to us in time when you place an order.

Use installation

1. Remove the insulation sheet of the wristband and assign it by region or group.

2. Install the controller and connect the antenna.

3. Control the remote control, the color of the bracelet will change accordingly according to the command

Box gauge information

We put the bracelet in the same area in a plastic bag and label it in English. The packing carton is made of three-layer corrugated cardboard, which is strong and durable to avoid damage to the product during transportation.
Box gauge size: 30 * 29 * 32cm, single product weight: 0.03kg,FCL quantity:400, whole box weight: 12kg

User feedback

Mr. Bernardo Gonzalez from Mexico purchased this product on January 11, 2022. He told us: "I love this bracelet so much because I can have my name and pattern on it, and I plan to use this product for my wedding, a wedding that everyone will remember for a lifetime." After much discussion , we finally decided to print the name of the bride and groom on the nylon bracelet and a "heart" pattern on the "plastic board". Mr. Bernardo Gonzalez said: "Controlled by the remote control, let each friend's bracelet light up a different color, everyone must be very happy!"


We can provide you one or more samples for free, provided it is better to buy a remote control, otherwise it will not work properly.

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