Manufacturers promotion discount bar nightclub diameter 5cm special price bottle atmosphere lamp specification logo custom new waterproof led coaster

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Color:Red . Green . Blue . Yellow . Orange . Pink . White .

Logo print:Acceptable


product weight:0.03kg

Continuous working time:48H

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Specification parameters

Product Name

Led coaster







Logo print




Produce weight


Abs coaster

Characteristic use

Because this product has led lamp and battery, the control switch can emit light. In the dark bar and party environment, installing this product at the bottom of the bottle and operating the switch can set off the feeling of champagne and beer. Make the atmosphere of the whole party more wonderful and amazing.

LOGOAt the bottom of the product, there is a special area for printing logo. You can print your favorite patterns and trademarks on it so that all friends attending the party can see it. While promoting the logo, make your party different.

Logo custom sizeL5.2CM;W:5.2CM

Usage scenario

This product has a wide range of applications. It can be used in bars, parties and birthdays. When tasting good wine and drinks, it makes you feel happier.

LED sticker53
LED sticker56

Production Process

It adopts a very mature printing process - pad printing. The biggest feature of this printing technology is low price, good printing effect, and very stable. It can reflect your logo to the greatest extent without any omission

Quality control

The production and manufacturing process of the product has a strict management mode to ensure that each product is in line with CE and ROHS certification

Battery model

CR2032 battery*2, large capacity, small size and low cost. Ensure the power supply of the product.

Battery model

With the battery installed, the battery life can be up to 72 hours, which fully guarantees excellent performance at parties. From beginning to end, let everyone immerse in the light of LED.

Use installation

1. Tear off the protective paper on the top of the LED Cup sticker. 2. Close to the bottom of the bottle and turn on the switch. 3. Press the button to adjust the luminous frequency.

The date of issuance

We will send the products as soon as possible after the production, so as to ensure that you can use them as soon as possible. Generally within 5-15 days.


We can provide one or several samples to you free of charge to ensure that you have a more comprehensive understanding of this product.

Box gauge information

After production, in order to avoid scratches caused by collisions between products, we use cartons to pack the products individually, each packing box can hold 250 products, and the packing cartons are made of three-layer corrugated cartons, which are sturdy and durable to avoid long-distance bumps on the products. cause damage.
Box gauge size: 30 * 29 * 32cm, single product weight: 0.03kg, whole box weight: 7.5kg

User feedback

This is the experience feedback of Mr. don trowell from the United States
Mr. don trowell purchased the LED roller coaster produced by our company on March 9, 2022. He runs a restaurant in South Carolina. His main products are steak and champagne. On March 5, 2022, send us information to understand the specific performance of the product. After communication, we learned that on March 28, their store celebrated its second anniversary and invited many friends to the banquet. In order to make the atmosphere better, we chose our products. Don trowell wants to print a two-year anniversary on it, which makes the celebration more unique. After fully understanding Mr. don trowell's budget, our salesperson recommended this ABS roller coaster. After receiving the printed pattern, we only spent one day making samples and confirming with don trowell in the form of photos. Don trowell praised our reaction speed and quality because the sample in the picture was exactly what he wanted. Don trowell immediately decided to buy 1000 products. We completed the delivery on March 14 and delivered it to Mr. don trowell's residence on March 24 after 10 days of transportation. Mr. don trowell expressed surprise at the speed and quality of our production. After the celebration, he also took the initiative to share the photos of the day with us and thanked our products and employees again. We hope to continue to cooperate with us on the third anniversary and other major festivals.






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